Study Plan for FDA/SDA examination


Hello Readers,

Study Plan for FDA/SDA Examination 2018

We all want to have a Government Job in our hand and it is our dream to get it.

Without proper guidance you work hard all the year for this one opportunity and the exams of FDA/SDA are already near. So, what you do in these 30 days will make or break your dream of becoming a Government Servant. All the hard work you’ve been doing so far now if not channelised properly into smart work, might then go in vain. It is very important for you to understand that from now onwards, every move that you make counts.Key to Success for FDA/SDA Entrance Exam


How should you plan to work in these areas: Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, English, General Knowledge, Kannada and Computer Literacy

Quantitative Aptitude
If you are good in calculation and you’ve cleared your basics then this section is good for scoring. For quantitative aptitude, its practice that matters for scoring well in limited time. But if you find this section difficult, start working on it with a smart plan. Learn basic concepts and practice them well, as for FDA/SDA exams basic concepts will come in handy rather than tricks. Also you must carefully choose the questions that you attempt. With good accuracy you’ll surely get through this section with a decent score. Try not to get struck on a particular question or topic for too long.

Reasoning is a tricky section, but it is very important to solve questions of this section in limited and stipulated time. We’ve seen in recent Exams that this section can be quite challenging for students as well as surprising. For scoring well in reasoning practicing what is really important and it can be your game changer.

English And Kannada
For scoring well in any language, the most important thing is to know its grammar rules. You must learn and understand basic rules of grammar of English and Kannada language and also increasing your reading habit will help you in making a command over this language sooner.

 General Studies
You have to complete Indian Polity, History, World Geography, Indian Geography, Karnataka History, Karnataka Geography, Indian Economy and Current Affairs. Since there are many subjects to cover, you have to concentrate only on the basics. This will completely be covered in our notes. So, study our notes thoroughly and be assured to clear the exam. Coming shortly!!

So to crack this pattern, we are providing you the “30 DAY ACTION PLAN for the preparation of FDA/SDA exam.

Detailed Study Plan for Non – Working Aspirants

Devotion of Time for Subjects in Total – 10 hours/ day
Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning- 3 hours
English and Kannada- 3 hours

General Studies– 4 hours
The time is devoted for both studying the topics and practicing the tests.

Detailed Study Plan:

300 hours of dedication and hard work……..

100% Government Kelsa Guarantee!!!

First of all, we have divided 30 Days in 2 Slots to Help You Study Better.1st 20 Days: Do & Revise all the topics of each and every subject. Make your weak subjects strong in these 20 days.Last 10 Days: PRACTICE THE ONE AND A HALF HOUR MOCK in these days.  For cracking the exam SPEED & ACCURACY are needy which can be only achieved through practice. This practice will help you all to be SMART HARD WORKERS.